Bruce Bennett, President/pilot

Bruce had his 1st lesson at Aurora Aviation in 1975 while working as line-service during high school. After three years in Army Aviation as a technician, he returned as a student in the professional pilot course in 1979 while working Aircraft Maintenance at PDX. Continuing his flight training, he returned full-time in 1980 on the line crew, then to flight instruct, to sales as a Cessna dealer, on to charter flying, and moving into management and eventually taking charge of the operation in 1986. Certified as an ATP, he has a Flight Instructor rating for Singe Engine Land & Sea, Multi-Engine and instrument with Type ratings in the Falcon 10, Beech-Jet, Premier-Jet, Phenom 300, and Hawker. He has acted as Aurora’s Chief Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor, Charter Jet Instructor, and FAA designated company check Airman. He is currently the Director of Operations. Although 13,260 flight hours is not many compared to most career pilots, having over 99.9% of that exclusively off the Aurora Airport may be a record! His flying has been primarily in the Northwest US but he has flown all over the country with dozens of trips to Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, and as far away as the Bahamas, Brazil, and London from Aurora. 


Walter Smith, Director of Maintenance



Glennys Smith, Accounting

I became part of the Aurora Aviation team in February 2004.  I grew up in Sherwood back when it was a very small town. After being a stay at home Mom for 20 years I began working with CPA’s doing public accounting for a variety of businesses. I had no previous experience in aviation. I’ve had some great opportunities since working here such as flying in a B-24 Bomber and a North American AT6. I’ve met and worked with a lot of great and interest people here. I now live in beautiful Newberg. This is a great place to work and I hope to remain employed here until I retire or expire.